Monday, October 31, 2011

Bullet Updates

We've been super busy here lately but here are a few quickies from the Blakely kiddos.
  • We have realized Gman isn't growing out of his lazy phase. He MUST get it together with this whole homework issues...or lack there of. Good thing we can access a few of his text books online now and I can see his teacher's lesson plans for the week....hee hee, can't get away with much that way.
  • Gman goes for a tune up the 11th of Nov. No real noticeable probs yet, but we are looking forward to seeing his Audiologist again who keeps laying out of work, having babies.
  • I am subbing quite a bit. Cheerleading is over. I spend all my "extra" time at home or at I boring or what?
  • We are looking forward to the PEEPs in the Park event coming up Sunday. The Delta Zeta girls from the University of Alabama are coming to give us all a big ole Fall Festival
  • We are scheduled for our annual visit to the University of Montevallo where we go talk with the Speech/Language class my friend teaches. This will be the first time both kids have attended...but we are out of school that week for the Thanksgiving holiday so what do ya do? This should be interesting. They may demonstrate wrestling or Fight Club while we are there for the students!
Other than that, we are just going to work/school, keeping busy with life as most everyone else.

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