Monday, August 29, 2011

School updates

The kids are doing great in school. No problems with Brooklyn (at least none reported) and if Gage will just DO HIS WORK, he'll be in good shape too.

B's home with a belly ache today. She's been up and down for the last several hours and now has entered "the throw up phase" so we're hoping this will pass really soon, poor girl.

Gage's symptoms have ceased--again--. His sore along the scar line cleared so apparently it was an external scratch of some sort and not coming from underneath the skin. He had complained of pain on the one side only but after P.E. he ended up having to rotate his ci processors for a few hours but seemed okay after lunch. I'm assuming getting hot at P.E. made both his ci's throb but after he cooled off, he was fine...and no problems reported since....strange I know.


Anonymous said...

You are such a great mom to brook and Gage, they are such great kids :) I love reading your blogs I get so excited when I see a new one! Best of luck with the new school year!

leah said...

Oh, no - Brook, get well soon. Stomach flu is the worst! I am praying that Gage's CI infection/itching issues disappear for good.

Here's to a great school year!