Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bullet Updates

  • Had a great time at the PEEPs in the Park event Sunday. I love seeing all the families from Alabama who have children with hearing loss, reunite and share experiences and get "caught up".
  • School is going fabulous for both kids. No disciplinary issues (so far) and they've even had to ride the bus a time or two and did fine.
  • Gage is experiencing problems again. I noticed a sore on one of his large scars on the left side (the side that was previously infected with the staph a couple of years ago). We spent most of last year fighting symptoms and now they've started again. He's in so much pain today in fact, his teacher sent me a message saying he's removed BOTH ci's. I had already given him pain reliever and our doc is out of town. We plan on seeing him as soon as he returns to see what our plan of action is. As for now, his teacher can give him written assignments and he's comfortable with speech reading. As long as the pain is relieved by removing his ci's, we will make do for a few days.
  • I have begun subbing again, and I love it. I'm actually enjoying the high school for a change. I haven't subbed at the elementary yet but this being my third year, all the kids are pretty used to me...and I know all their little tricks, lol.
  • Cheerleading is going great and Brook loves doing the stunts most. We will perform our dance routine to "Dirty Bit" on Saturday so I'm really excited for the girls.

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