Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, looks like poor Brook may be requiring more than a tonsillectomy this month. Her little foot hasn't got any better, in fact it's worse. It's very infected and I doubt that it can wait another 2 1/2 weeks on her tonsil removal to be cleaned, drained and explored. I'm calling a pediatric surgeon as per the ER and our ENT and see what they say. We may be making some unplanned trips to Children's this week, but my baby needs to be able to walk!

Her wound has doubled in size overnight and I'm simply pacing the floor til I talk to a surgeon. After our less than pleasant ER visit a few weeks ago, let's pray they put her to sleep...however, looking at it now, there's pretty much no question about that, she'll have to have something done in the next couple of days!!! EWWWW

I thought all we had this week was Vacation Bible School....

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leah said...

Oh, goodness! I suppose she'll have some interesting tales to tell at VBS this week. I hope they put her to sleep (or at least heavily sedate her) before cleaning it out. Poor kiddo!