Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bullet Updates

Just a few quick updates on the Blakely Folk

  • The kids love Vacation Bible School-who knew that I'd reach a point in time that my deaf children would simply go up with the other children in front of lots of watchful eyes and sing songs (correctly) without any intervention from me? I prepped the church none and tonight is the big finale...can't wait!
  • Brook saw her pediatrician about her foot. If this last oral antibiotic doesn't do the trick we'll have to see a surgeon who will either put her on IV antibiotics perhaps or do surgery. Surgery will be the most likely solution to make sure no other foreign objects remain. Let's just pray the meds work and we can avoid an additional surgery.
  • Brook is still scheduled for tonsil/adenoid removal on July 27
  • I am helping coach cheerleading ages 8 and under. We have 20 to 23 girls, this should be fun! I am currently working on a dance routine, my jumps (since I'll be in charge of jumps at cheer camp-for all ages up to 12) but my cartwheels still ROCK! lol-I think Brook is going to love cheering!
  • Gage is doing well, no weird symptoms, problems or anything to speak of. His ADHD meds are working fine, he has MAPping again on Aug. 5 and SCHOOL STARTS ON AUGUST 15 !!
  • I need to get back to the gym.....seriously!

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