Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm trusting

5 hrs...that's how long it took us to get finished with an annual appointment Gage has at a hospital clinic an hour and a half away. I'll be honest, I suffered complete anxiety over this from the beginning. I knew it took us 4 hrs last year so the waiting was expected. If you have not read last year's story He Had No Legs(Click Here) because my child did amaze me while we were there, so there are rewards behind life's inconveniences.

I prayed before we left, and realized that I had to trust the Lord more, and my kids too. I always worry my kids will say something inappropriate (as many parents do) when you go to a clinic full of special children. I realized from our own experiences that it's not the children's comments that are rude, out of line or's the parents' reactions when their child DOES ask or say something that is usually quite age-appropriate. So, I knew I wouldn't be one of THOSE people and God would give the words if my kids did speak out loud about someone's physical appearance. I didn't harp or threaten the kids this time, I only asked that they save their questions for the ride home, and play with the children as they would anyone else...AND THEY DID. The young man from my previous story was there, and Brook had not met him last year.

And then she walked in. The most beautiful sight ever. She was pulling her bag of supplies behind her and I've never been so glad to someone in my life. It was "Sue Sue"!!!!!!!!! "Sue Sue" is a lady who volunteers at the hospital and is wonderful. For almost 3 hours, she (and her big bag of art supplies) entertained the children. Many kids were older but the handful of smaller ones like mine were thrilled that the Art Lady showed up (she was there last year). The whole way to the hospital they kept asking me over and over and over and over and over "Mama, is she gonna be there? Is the Art Lady coming? Hmmmm, is she?"

And she came. I had to tell her as we said our goodbyes, "Thank you, you make these 4/5 hour appointments not seem so long!" So I read her name tag and I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to VSA! Apparently they are a group who specifically volunteer to share their gifts with those who have disabilities. I can not tell you how Sue Sue helped turn a potentially disastrous waiting room into bliss! And we have art!

Now back to Birmingham we go today to get four little ears tuned up. Yes, I'm a pro! I can do anything, and that includes getting both bilateral children MAPping in one appoinment. Good thing our HEAR Center are pros too! They may be having group prayer this morning before we arrive but we'll get through it, I'm trusting...

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