Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is going on?

Well, still no great news to report as far as Gman's symptoms. I've now replaced his magnet with a lighter one in a last ditch effort to relieve the pain in his right ci (which is not the one that had the infection, in Jan all our issues began with the left side-seems we've swapped sides here). I know the other magnet wasn't too tight, no redness or even pain right at his coil...the pain was about 2 finger widths in front of that area. He's been getting hit w/basketballs in P.E. and they've switched him to his own goal (which he hates playing by himself) but they rarely play basketball anyway...only if it's raining outside so I'm ok with that til we figure out what is going on...which we hope to, when his doc returns from out of town and we see him on the 19th. I've even wondered if he's been hit on that side and didn't have immediate problems.  I always ask if he's bumped it but kids forget when they are as active as he is.

For now, with no other symptoms, removing the processor is his method of pain control. His teacher says he's been having a lot of issues with it in class and nurse has concurred. He's removing it several times a day. I've tried to get him to just leave it off...but so far he wants it this way...and at 10 yrs old (almost) I have to choose my battles and besides, it's his head, he knows what he feels comfortable with.

I'm still subbing at school and will be right down the hall from him today if he has any issues...and I'm still part-time at the accounting office too. I barely have time to write my articles anymore so they are on the back burner til we get out for summer vacation. Our last day of school is May 27, and we'll be hitting the beach soon after that if Gman is doing okay!

Remember-he is not your typical ci patient. He has Goldenhar Syndrome and he has odd and random issues pop up from time to time about various things. I will say that times like these-we are super glad he is bilateral-so if he needs to remove one-he's still able to participate in his usual activities.

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