Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We decided to skip out on the morning church service since Brook was diagnosed with strep (again). She's much better today, but I didn't want to chance her being in such close contact with people being only hours from the non-contagious zone. We did however, go to their grandparents' house and have a great Easter dinner along with an Easter egg hunt. They shook, listened, tried to figure out what all the surprises were inside those eggs. Their little cousin Ethan found the most eggs I think, and they all had a ball. Here are a few of the HUNDRED AND TWENTY photos I took (lol)...

We did get Gage's IEP completed and signed-pretty much the same as last year but we added a homework notebook which will go directly between me, Gage and the teacher. His ADHD (along w/excuses and lazy 10 year old boy syndrome) contribute to no homework being brought all. So we are hoping to improve this also by me picking him up out of the car line, parking, going thru his things and making sure he has EVERYTHING before we leave, or he'll have to go back inside and get his books! He will soon become more responsible hopefully and remember to check before leaving class.

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