Friday, March 11, 2011

Gage's Big Day

So we woke very early and headed out to Birmingham so Gage could be Mickey's Weather Kid. He was so excited (and nervous) but they were all so kind and friendly! Here is the Fox 6 Studio building.
Here is Gage chillin' in the break-room with one of the news anchors Rick Journey.
And here he is with anchor Janice Rogers who has a niece that is severe to profound but does not wear cochlear implants. Janice is going to be helping out with the benefit Hear Me Roar that helps raise funds for our HEAR Center.

And here he is with Mickey the weather man. He is nuts!

An we couldn't leave without a nice shot of Vulcan's backside! lol
We had an awesome visit and Gage was so happy to get a free scoop of ice cream from Jack's (lol). Wait til I tell him he gets a free burger too!

I think the highlight was when we stopped off at a Jack's to collect his ice cream (it was morning and since they weren't serving burgers yet, I didn't bother to tell him that part yet) and HE WAS RECOGNIZED!!! A lady working there said, "Didn't I see you on the news? You did good with your remote control truck!!"  that tickled him to death!! He's back to school and I'm off to buy groceries before we begin our 9 days at home for Spring Break!!

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