Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Updates 2/15

Just some quick updates for the week-
  • Brook is madly in love with Justin Bieber-she's singing his songs, watching him like a little stalker on the Grammy's and YouTube...
  • No symptoms w/Gage and his 'infection' signs...no itching, no swelling, no pain since that first week we were on meds...so they are helping!
  • I am still subbing on occasion and working at the accountant's office some as well so I've been busy-hence the lack of blogging-my spare time is spent at The Gym!
  • We are suspecting Gage's ADHD meds are not doing their job as they once were. We will make that decision after he finishes all the other meds he is on, just in case they are interacting and making his ADHD pill less effective...?
  • Gage's FM system is down at school (another reason to hold off on making the ADHD call right now)
But warmer weather up ahead here in Bama and that makes me ready for Spring and then Summer vacation!!!


leah said...

I am so, so glad his infection seems to be lying low. I hope it goes away forever! I am sort of glad I have no girls - No Beiber Fever in this house, lol!

tammy said...

SO glad the meds are working! Although Kailyn says she doesn't like Beiber, for fear of harassment from her older brother, she said, "I GUESS I'll go with you if you want to see that movie. lol