Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crazy Week

I have resorted to doing bullet updates because I am only allowed so much time on the computer. There are really important things like Justin Bieber's new hair cut that MUST be googled over and over and over...

  • so Gage has had some itching over the last few days, we'll just have to watch and see if it becomes more, landing us at the ENT's office...
  • found another person going thru the same exact thing almost-her child has had issues like Gman and developed an infection and was re-implanted and again, experiencing issues, all similar to Gman
  • I nearly broke my finger, I was playing football so no wonder! lol
  • Brook may be getting strep again, she's only had it like 4 times since ?? Halloween?? It usually happens over weekend so we take an ER trip-this time, if it is strep, I'm taking her to the ENT to see if she needs her tonsils removed...do they remove those for continuous strep...she has it a lot and now it takes a shot and oral meds to get over it....maybe it will be nothing though!
  • working my bottom off-between home-subbing at the elementary/high schools-accounting office-and my new dedication to spin class (and other random classes at the gym) I have little time left for writing or blogging!!

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