Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No news is well, no news

I hate to say no news is good news, because I honestly doubt we'll have any issues while he's on all these meds. But...there is good news that he has no pain, no swelling, no itching...nothing. We are optimistic but I tend to live in reality as well...we know what happens when the meds are finished in 5 1/2 weeks...we go in the wait-n-see-what happens mode. Everyone is fully aware that he could simply wake one morning with issues again, if that happens, I plan to take him straight to his doctor where we'll likely be scheduling a removal. I can not have his health compromised. And yes, Gage is fully aware of everything, he is not having issues with his recent re-implant (that had a failure) so we expect he will keep it as long as the Lord allows. He enjoys hearing, but it's not his EVERYTHING. His everything is building trucks, building cars, taking things apart and keeping busy...we continue to count our blessings...

**post note** before bed-itching BAD...I'm hoping the pinkness I see is just from him scratching...will have to examine again in the morning.....again, the itching is not allergies, is not shampoo, this is like a dog w/fleas type itching that is just around the one ci....

We have audiology on Friday, and tomorrow...my seven year old has her check up...she is not looking forward to it, afraid she'll receive shots!

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