Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cards from class

We stopped by G's classroom today when we picked up Brook from school because he had a poster assignment due this week and I didn't want Brook destroying it turning it in for his friends have been worried and I wanted them to see he was okay...and Gage showed them his incision and we got out of there quickly so we don't expose him to any more germs than we have to. They had cards for him and they all talked at once and they all miss him bad and I wanted to cry...he was touched and visibly excited to see them.

One kid took the time to draw the entire class w/Gage's seat empty...another said, "It will be all write" and several hoped he didn't "fill too bad" said that after being away from Mrs. H for two weeks, he'll probably be ready to see her again, lol...his best friend who spends the night w/us a good bit simply wrote, "enjoy your time from school" and he drew our pets...I heart fourth graders...Thank you all, that was very sweet, he read them all and is being very protective of his cards, we will keep them forever.

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Stacey Gifford said...

This is so special, it makes you want to cry. My son has epilespy and was hospitalized for 3 mo. His classroom made cards for him to take up to the hospital. I decorated my sons room with 28 colorful 7 yr old cards. It made the room the happiest place on earth, knowing that his classmates were taking the time to wish him well.