Sunday, August 15, 2010

I met Riley!!

that's right Riley from Sound Check Mama !!
Both she and her mama are gorgeous and fabulous!
Brook has issues when her feet are not on solid ground (just like I do!!) so I had to come to her rescue, lol
We had a great time in Decatur at the PEEPs event.
 Most of the kids that came already had cochlear implants. We avoided rain at the park but it poured the minute we got home (it was a 2 hr drive). Next we head south to the beach for PEEPs in the Park Daphne, AL.

Brook's FM has been sent for repairs. Hopefully she'll get that back soon!

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Tiffani Hill-Patterson said...

I just saw this! Thanks, Val! We had a great time, too. Just wish we could do it more often!