Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yes, deaf children can use the phone independently

Brook has yet another suspected ear infection. I'm just gonna bypass her pediatrician this time since she hasn't seen her ENT in a while and see what he says. This is the opposite ear and last time the omnicef didn't seem to help, she continued to hurt for more than a week til her ear started draining at which point her doc gave her drops and that did clear it up. Our surgeon likes to keep up w/his ci patients if they have recurrent ear infections so I'll call and get an appt. with him next week and just give her pain meds round the clock. She did go out (w/her camo shirt of course) with her Daddy (since Gage had spent the night at my mom's) and he let her borrow Gage's BB gun. TOTALLY THRILLED THE CHILD!

It's taken lots of practice (and now that both are bilateral, that has helped!) but they can talk on the phone very well, needing little help from us. As you can see, I got in trouble when she discovered I was filming, lol. Brook is bragging to him that Daddy walked around outside with her while they looked at birds took her 'hunting' this morning. But I must say she did kill a leaf, and was quite proud she had shot the thing. Who knows what would have happened had if fallen from the tree or something, so we thank her for that!

(Heart is a stuffed animal that he sleeps with  that they love very much!) Nanny caved and bought her a FurReal rabbit-whatever you call those things) and he got some more Legos and army trucks.

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leah said...

Oh, wow- another ear infection! I hope her ears don't make a habit of getting infected! Good idea to see the ENT... what do they do for kiddos with CI's and recurrent ear infections? Can they do tubes, or does that just open the middle ear space to infection that might travel to the implant site?

Val said...

I think they've recently approved tubes safe for ci kids, we'll see what he says.....this is only her .... maybe 6th ear infection ever...she's not near as bad as Gage was, he had like six or more a year!