Monday, June 28, 2010

He'll Just Drill Your Ear

So Brook had an ear ache ALL WEEKEND. She got me up several times last night in major pain. Finally when she woke, her ear was draining.....ahhh relief! I already had drops for that so I put some in while I awaited the ENT nurse to call me back. Since this is her second infection this month, and since she is a ci patient, I decided to double check w/them and see what I should do. Irrigating the ear w/warm water and use my drops should do the trick and if not I'll call them back in a few days. Brook already feels so much better.
When we were waiting for the nurse to call, GAGE decided to take this opportunity to horrify his sister when she asked what Dr. W would do to her (she hasn't seen her ci surgeon in a couple of years!). I walked in and heard him say, "Well, he'll take a drill and put a Q-tip on the end of it and he'll just drill your ear." Thank you ! Luckily she was already getting up to double check this information with me. I will have to say, he did at one point use a drill like instrument during their cochlear implant surgeries...but I don't think they even realize that...yet.

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Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

ok that is way too funny. brothers and sisters. love it.