Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Blog Addictions...

Yes, I love blogging, but mainly story-telling! I wanted to list all my blogs here before school was released, several teachers read our blog and I wanted to be sure they have all of our blogs since I've branched out recently.

Cochlear Kids-my kids/my family, our personal experiences w/hearing loss

One Brick Shy...-all of my other crazy stories not related to hearing loss, mostly humor

Mud Boggers by Gage-his blog of his creations, look for many updates over the summer when he has more time to create

Bama Ears-hearing loss and family stories in AL, maintained along w/Tiffani from Sound Check Mama

Alabama PEEPs-Alabama's parent mentoring program for families w/children who have hearing loss; local events, hearing loss facts, etc.

Cicircle News-which I need to get back to! International stories about children w/heairng loss....

I'm All Ears-book blog, inactive unless we have a presentation somewhere

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