Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last minute announcements

A quick tidbit for might want to remind teachers that you need a note sent home for any last minute announcements. At the very least they need to be 'announced' one on one w/the hearing impaired child. My kids both have turned in the FM equipment (this is their last day) and both missed the announcement to bring a dollar to school to watch a volleyball game. I happen to show up to bring Brook some extra shoes when her flip flop broke and was able to give them the dollar to go see the teachers be beaten defeated by the PTO (read that here, lol) So just a fyi, put a bug in the new teacher's ear that she/he will need to notify you by note or for older kids, they need to be directly told face to face any pop up announcements or they could be missing out!


Megan said...

Thanks so much for this post. School announcements were something I missed all the time as a kid. I put up my own blog post about the subject at

haddy2dogs said...

Good post. When my son was younger it would drive me nuts so I had the teachers agree to email me if there was something important.

Now my son's new school makes announcements between classes. He worked it out with his hearing friends and teachers to keep him posted. He doesn't want handwritten notes because "it just makes for more paper junk". Judging from the chaos of his backpack he would never find it anyway.

Thanks for sharing!