Monday, February 1, 2010

Why are my ears so big?

Brook can not take her eyes off of her newly pierced ears! They don't get in the way of her CI processors at all and she's so delighted she braved the whole experience and is counting down the weeks til she can go buy some new earrings (has to wait 5 more weeks to change them out). She was looking in the mirror last night, turning the earrings as instructed and asked, "Mama, why are my ears so big and Gage's are so little?" I reminded her of his syndrome and assured her that her ears are just big compared to his, but she has average size ears.

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CAPD girl said...

Haha I found this so funny I am hard of hearing and when I was a kid, kids made more comments on how small my ears are than on my hearing aids themselves haha love your blog!!!