Thursday, February 4, 2010

Questions Questions Questions

Oh girls are so different than boys! Gage rarely ever even looks in a mirror, he could go days without passing one and never think twice about it...but not this chick. She received the mirror to so she could check out those pretty new earrings without having to climb on my bathroom counter. She came to me asking why she had two big teeth coming in (a pair of molars in the very back) and then she turned around asking me why her coil snapped back on her head when she barely pulled it off. I informed her she had another magnet inside her head and the coil magnet liked to hug up next to the other magnet and she says, "oh." But she had no idea she had a magnet inside her head too, guess she thought it was just in the coil.
I had to go to the school today when she complained of static, turns out one of her receivers (the FM battery cage for her processor) wouldn't turn on, so off to the "shop" it'll go.
She had her first spelling test today and got them all right so she has NO HOMEWORK tonight, woohoo. (kindergarten spelling words were...I,a,my,go,he). Good job B!

On a side note, ADHD related...not sure Gage's meds are helping as much as they used to. He's been on them for four months now but I've notice a lot of inattentiveness the last couple of weeks!!! Not quite as hyper as before, but I'm walking right behind him, having to force him to follow thru on things. I have the school watching him as well, and grades have dropped as well. Not sure they'll put him on anything stronger since he's so tiny but he's on the lightest dose still.


kim said...

Oh yeah! Girls are different! lol

My son, now 20, used to take meds for ADHD. If Gage has gone through a growth spurt, he may need a different dose or it might help to have him try a different med. :-)

leah said...

I have two boys, and both of them are oblivious to the way they look, lol!

Val, good luck with the ADHD meds. It must be very difficult to figure out the medication amount so that his ADHD is under control, but the medication doesn't hinder his growth.

Mom to Jiya said...

After her bath, every morning, my 15 month old picks out pins/bands to put in her hair and admires herself in the mirror for a few minutes. Everytime she sees a mirror, she will stop to look at herself and smile away. Girls will be girls after all.:-)

Nicole said...

We've had to change Kaylyn's meds 3 times since she started taking them. Sometimes her body just starts absorbing the meds differently after a while and they aren't as effective. Very frustrating!!