Thursday, February 18, 2010

a little adhd w/that hearing loss.......

Updates from 'round here.....
  1. Mercedes Marathon went well according to my friend Jennifer who ran for Lilly (who has ci's)...she more than doubled her goal in donations!! That Bama Girl knows how to do it (you hear that TX? she's ours! just kiddin')
  2. Brook's fm is broken, so it's off for repairs, she's having some difficulty hearing (obviously) without it but her teacher is a pro and is making sure she gets the info she needs without getting frustrated
  3. Gage's Adhd meds have now been upped...more on that later, he begins the higher dose tomorrow. It's tough on parents just so you know (all you teachers out there) for us to make sure what we are dealing with. So yes, I will let him go three weeks w/bad grades, slipping conduct, and whatever else happens til I'm 100% convinced it's his ADHD. Since we've had to shut off six electrodes thus far on one ear, I've been dotting my i's and crossing my t's w/listening checks, equipment checks, behavior monitoring here and at school, comparing notes w/everyone and after 3 consistent weeks of really 'no good days' as far as his attention goes, I was convinced it was in fact his meds not working as efficiently. So he's being slightly increased (he was on the lightest dose anyway) and we'll report more on that as we know more.

And now for a big tease...Alabama will soon have an amazing resource for parents with children who have been diagnosed w/hearing loss, and guess what? It's ran by parents and backed by exciting...more on that later too!

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leah said...

There are times I want to move to Alabama- just for your resources! :-) The sunshine and warm weather are nice, too.

I hope Gage's new medication increase helps settle things down- it can be so hard when you have multiple issues to figure out which one is causing the problem!