Monday, October 5, 2009

Today I went to "work"...

...and I loved it. I hate to even call it work, I want to say the special ed teacher had to stay home and she let me come talk to her students while she was out. I really enjoyed them all and I enjoyed helping them with their work. Gage got to come in and do a math sheet with me and I got to eat lunch with him too. A little boy in his class said to me, "Do y'all really have a pet alligator?" I tried to not laugh out loud, but I said, "Did Gage say we had one? Do you believe we have one?" He told me that Gage says we have one in the pond down the road. Interesting.

Brook must have had a rough day, she was a little croupy (the story of our life) and I had to give her some benedryl this morning but she's fine. She came in from school and got frustrated when Gage wouldn't play fair and let her have a turn with the kite. She exclaimed, "I hate my job!!"

She also had a bad day because she came home in the batteries I had sent her to school in (rechargeables). She was supposed to change them out with the microlinks when she got to school so her FM would work, guess she went all day without it.

If you haven't checked out Jessica Chaikof's article in Teen Ink, click here! I know mom Melissa is very proud as is older sister Rachel. I've had the pleasure of meeting that family and it's no surprise to me that Jessica had her article selected.

Friday is Gage's day for his surgery on his face...hope it's as quick and easy as we all imagine it will be. Thursday we go to the ADHD psychologist.

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