Saturday, October 3, 2009

"She can't hear that's why!"

We had the kids' little cousin Kendall spend the night with us last night. What a hoot, this kid is. She's hearing so I did find myself telling even my coffee pot to be quiet this morning when it began percolating. I let them watch an inappropriate movie (Pirates of the Caribbean) after all, I wouldn't be the cool aunt if I didn't! These two passed out last night at 9:30 at were back up ready to play at 5:45!! Woohoo, party at the Blakely's, lol. She needed a story last night before she fell asleep and this lass don't want to hear about fairy tales, she wants to hear ghost stories, or stories about all the "i-coties" (coyotes) around here. She normally cries when she's away from her mama like this but she only said once, "Val, I want my mama," and I quickly said "oh, she's asleep and if you hurry and go to sleep too, we can go back home in the morning," and she never shed a tear! She asked me if we might hear some "i-coties" in the night and I told her I had the sleep machine on that sounded like rain so maybe they wouldn't wake us up. She said, "They won't wake Brook up, she can't hear that's why!" Gotta love her, she's so advanced to be a four year old. We'll see how everyone is getting along in about five hours when the sleep deprivation is bound to set in.
I did hear Kendall when they were playing dolls say, "Go get this baby's implants." Gage has a Halloween themed birthday party tonight so look for those pics later!

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leah said...

Aw, Kendall is a cutie! What a fun time of year to have a birthday- Halloween parties are a hoot!

Hopefully those i-cotes will leave you guys alone, lol!