Monday, September 14, 2009

Whew! What a weekend

So Gage had this 18 hr stomach bug, he gave to me (mine was 12 hrs) and I in turn gave to Brook in an even weaker form since her's lasted about five hours. When I said this morning to Brook just after it was apparent she was sick, "Oh no, you have the virus," Gage piped up and said, "hey is that the school virus? You know the spine flu." lol

During the well hours though, the kids decided to make an audiology station, or testing chair they said. Brook was the AuD. and I'm not sure what she determined about Gage's hearing since the actual playing AuD only lasted like five minutes. The construction of the chair/table was the most fun and took an hour.
But Brook took her notes and I assume she'll reschedule him for a booth testing later on...?

Both kids should be back in school tomorrow! The school sent home a note today by Gage though that said they had closed all water fountains since Swine Flu had been diagnosed in a few students already. So I guess we have that to look forward to upon our return. Each student has a water bottle with their name on it for their daily water intake while at school. They have sterilized the school as best as possible and of course encourage hand washing and germ x.

Our Doc called (the psychologist) and scheduled some ADHD testing w/Gage. Just some typical follow command/stay on task type things and we'll get his second opinion on the whole ADHD (and do we need meds question!). The day after that Gage will have his minor surgery on his face and a week or so later, come back for the IQ testing. He did suggest the IQ testing be done w/Gage medicated if we choose to go that route because he feels he may do better with the meds but if we choose not to, it's fine, he'll just do the IQ testing w/full on ADHD.
Whew, what a weekend! The kids go for mapping on Friday and we should be set!


Bright Family said...

What clever kiddos! I love reading about their little ideas.

Yuck - I hope the kids are not exposed to the "spine" flu! lol! That would be terrible...

Love the new blog picture. It's great!

Anonymous said...

I just had to leave a comment here because after reading some of your blog here, I too am experiencing the very same challenges with my son. He wears bilateral CI and has since he was 3. He just graduated from speech class last year and he does speak very well in which I think sometimes teachers forget that he is a deaf child. He is very smart and more than once I have heard from his teachers that we should have him tested for Gifted and Talented. Even his TOD said this and wanted him moved into mainstream classes all day in which I said no way. I really think him being around other CI kids really helps him and his self esteem. They are the only friends he really ever talks about at home. I didn't want that taken away from him. I had to fight with her on that issue during his last IEP meeting. Anyway, getting off track I said after hearing about Gifted and Talented several times I did finally give in and had him tested last year and his scores were average and below average. His grades are not so great either. So I'm left wondering why would all these teachers think he needed to be moved out of his CI class into mainstream all day and into Gifted and Talented. I too have seen what he is capable of. He is very smart....his problem is wiggling around and talking alllll the time. Several years ago I heard ADD from his kindergarten teacher but like you I too don't want to drug up my child or have his personality changed. He is now in the 4th grade and the school work is getting harder and more complex and I am very concerned about his lack of focus and inability to sit still and the excessive talking. I finally gave in and will start the journey of finding out more about ADD and if he has it or not this Thrusday. In fact I came across your blog whiling surfing the web for ADD and CI connections. After reading some of your blog I was left thinking wow...this is my child exactly to the letter! Thanks for posting it. I'd like to know where you guys are on your journey. If you ever get the chance I would love it if you would email me and tell me your story and experiences thus far. My email is: Thanks again for your blog. I do consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to the CI but when new issues arise its always nice to know that there is someone out there who is going through the same issues and may have some new info to offer! Thanks again and I wish you luck with your kids! They are dolls!