Thursday, September 10, 2009

this week....

She's doing so well with her glasses, and she's quit telling people how big their heads and faces (and chins, lol) she's getting used to her new found vision. Behavior in school is sllllloooowwwly improving *smile* so that's always good news. I think I forgot to mention B has a bit of a lazy eye (I had no idea!) and we go back in 2 months to check to see if glasses have helped or look into other options such as a patch, etc. She digs pirate patches anyway!
Gage was out today with a stomach virus (he threw up like 15 times last night) but was much better today and is back to normal now. His ADHD is at an all time high and his grades are going DOWN! Still not sure if he's bored, careless or distracted but we get the IQ test soon (hopefully), mapping next Friday and if those two things don't help solve the mystery then we'll be looking into those meds. I'm in no rush, I want to dot my i's and cross my t's before medicating my child.
As for the October Challenge, I only have seven weeks to lose 11 lbs but I know I can do it. Like I say, now that the kids are in school, I'm not as hungry because I'm not a short order cook all day long.
And we are still waiting on the batteries for the kids' FMs. I've been paying out of pocket for them for a month now and I can't do it anymore so let's ALL hope they come in next week!
I've been keeping myself busy most days working on some special projects which I'll announce later, but yes they are all hearing loss related! Have a great weekend!!


K.L. said...

There are some vitamins and suplements that have helped my son and nephew with their ADD. Folic acid, Omega 3 (fish oil) and this stuff called Liquid Health, Attention. You will need to look it up on Google. Liquid Health is the brand name.

Have him start taking it, then check with the teacher in a few weeks to see if there is an improvement. I bet there will be.

Good luck. I have found the ADD stuff is way harder to deal with than the hearing loss stuff.

leah said...

I'm glad Brook's adjusting to everyone's big heads, lol. And I hope Gage's ADHD stuff gets sorted out soon, so that his grades can improve! It is tough to start school on unsteady footing- you're so on top of things that I'm sure you'll get it figured out quickly!

Sandy said...

I've seen your photos before. I am a mother with bilateral implants and my son has bilateral implants. He is like Gage...he has ADHD and is gifted. He was extremely fast with his school work during his early years that he would get bored easily. I had him tested at 8 years old and fought to get him into the gifted program at a public school along with an IEP for his hearing loss. The IEP for the hearing impaired children is actually more beneficial than a 504 for ADHD. I wouldn't be too worry about the meds. My son has been on it since 5 yrs old and has started Middle school last month. So far he's maintaining his As and high Bs average. Like what the other mom commented....the ADHD stuff is harder than the hearing loss. I've been there and am still living through it....the rewards gets better.