Thursday, September 17, 2009

What a day......

So Brook has two "big sisters" that come see her each day and try to be good role models for her, since she's sorta started off on the wrong foot so far in Kindergarten with her aggressive behavior. One big sis gave both of my kids a prize yesterday from home and when they got home, they wanted to return the favor and give her something as a thank you. Brook ran to her room and wrapped something up(I have no idea where she found that wrapping paper but she put masking tape all around it). She got a stuffed ladybug that probably came from McDonalds and a little pony. Gage said he was going to make her a music box...and he meant music box! He took the lid off of a little wooden box he had in his room and glued yarn or string on the bottom and made a little guitar. However, the string wasn't good for actually making a sound so her canned that idea, took it apart and glued the letter K out of Legos on the bottom of the box. I said "Oh what's her name?" thinking it started with a K. Gage says "I have no idea." Puzzled I ask why he put a k on the bottom and he looks at me as if he can't believe I had to ask that question...."it's for Keep, it's a keep box!" I just acted as if I should have known this. Oh the stresses of elementary school. I know my mother didn't stress this much (I was an Angel anyway). The less sleep I get, the bigger my coffee cups get. I have to redo all the ADHD paperwork we did last year for Gage's pediatrician and turn that in...again, if we are interested in medication. The school has the papers already since we were in the process of filling them out for the psychologist for our upcoming eval w/him, we can simply take those by our ped's office, have them copy it, schedule an appt. to talk w/him about it....again. We'll have the psychologist appt. as well to get the second opinion I need before we medicate. Then we have his face surgery (minor) we go talk to the pediatrician that next week and discuss meds (hopefully I can get in that quick) and do our post op appt w/the surgeon that week, go back to the psychologist and have the IQ test while on meds, then I go back to psychologist the 21st to get all the results from the ADHD and IQ....the following day on the 22nd, I go w/Brook's class to the pumpkin patch. We go in the morning (always a dreaded appt. that usually turns out fine) for our mapping at the HEAR Center. I was at the school volunteering all morning and ran into the TOD (Teacher of the deaf) and she noted the kids needed to get their mapping done. Brook was complaining about noises from the FM and I stepped into the classroom to check it and came to the conclusion that the teacher who had the mic on at her desk while grading homework and checking notebooks was where the noises were coming from. All I could hear while plugged into the processors was pages flipping back and forth. I told them this and they removed the mic while grading papers, and Brook was happy with it sitting on the teacher's desk. She'll put it back around her neck when instructing the class. Whew, what a day, this all thrown at me today. My head hurts and the kids will be home in thirty minutes. I'm going to try to rest my eyes til then. What a day.

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