Friday, September 18, 2009


Here's an article from Kim over at Say What Club, she interviewed me and several other parents with children who have hearing loss:

sorry for the quality, taken w/blackberry

Our mapping went well with only a few minor bumps behavior-wise and before we knew it, we had four freshly mapped ears! Yea, and Brook is going to try and go every six months now instead of three. She's not due back until MARCH!!! Gage goes back next month for another tune up. Today, the heat was ON. He and audiologist Emily are both very competitive! Neither likes to lose. This never ending Jenga game finally came to a crashing halt when the tower came crumbling down. Gage cheated! I took him for a walk (ADHD was full on) while they started on Brooklyn and when we returned they had already completed one ear. Gage was upset because he didn't have time to go to school (can you believe that?). Have a great weekend. We are all better now, I'm calmer-not so hear's good to be BETTER.


Tiffani Hill-Patterson said...

Glad the hears are fresh and ready to go! :-)

Going every 6 month is great! That's what we do now.

leah said...

It is nice to have everyone caught up~and every six months will be great!

Anonymous said...

I am a member of a law firm representing a child that has lost hearing due to antibiotic overdose. The child has bilateral cochlear implants. We would love the prospective of someone or some family who are familiar with cochlear implants. The drawbacks, the benefits and any other limitations that one would not readily think of with implants. Also interested to know if child with cochlear implants truly recognizes and appreciates environmental sounds (sirens, etc.) Thank you for your input.