Friday, August 7, 2009

Never Bored

This is what happens when I tell the kids to go play in their cabin while I cut grass. Gage proudly made Brook her own McDonald's. He simply took the doors off her kitchen that Santa brought her and attached them to the cabin to make her some type of pick up window and he's completing the project by installing a "grill" too where she can cook those patties. What am I gonna do with these two? They are never bored...they WILL find something to do. If you are keeping track, our school starts in THREE glorious days. FMs are there waiting, supplies will be purchased tomorrow, I am so...I mean, uh, they are so excited! Oh and if you didn't catch it on Facebook yesterday here's the copperhead I ran over. They are EVERYWHERE! My husband's ran over three in the same spot as where mine "accidentally" got ran over.
Yea, so excited....going to have coffee w/Cochlear next week, and a meeting at the school for substitutes...busy busy days ahead.


leah said...

Your kids' creativity never fails to amaze me! They are definitely resourceful, and clever, too!

Good luck for the first day of school!!

Tiffany C. said...

Thanks Val!!!! I always read your blog at night and you have a picture of a freaking snake on here! I will be having nighmares about this stupid snake now! Ugh gives me the heebie-jeebies.