Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Language!

...and sometimes that is good and sometimes that's not so good. Yesterday after we walked up to the cabin to just hang out for a while, change of scenery, I was sitting on the patio enjoying the morning rays when Brook took an old piece of charcoal out of the grill. She wanted to write something on the concrete and I said "one word and then put it up, that's too messy!" So what does she choose? Her head tilted toward the sky and her lips were mouthing a word, carefully sounding out each syllable in her head and when she felt confident about her word, she put charcoal to the ground and wrote....M....O....R....O....N. I wanted to first scold her for choosing a word I don't like but inside I was really pleased that at age 5 (not even in K yet) she's sounding out words and spelling them correctly! Here are some pics from our walk yesterday...Brook has Emma w/her and Gage has a truck/trailer he designed and painted himself (all custom made, swapping parts from old broken toys and modifying the store bought ones, notice the camo trailer).
Now for the good language...Today the kids decided to play vet. As you can see Brook had on a "surgical mask" and she oversaw the whole operation. Not surprising the kids were using words like anesthesia, stitches, swell, swollen, IVs, operating, etc. I guess our last few months with Gage has increased their hospital language.

I have to say, I'm a little proud of Brook. She's very clever! She loves that stuffed animal which doesn't belong to her. The older brother in Gage wants to just give it to her but the little boy still inside him, wants to keep it. She begs him all the time to let her sleep with it and occasionally he'll give in but she received a "no" today. So she tells him, "I'm the rule!" (she meant boss, we did learn the word boss!) "This cat is very sick, he needs to sleep here at the vet's office for a few days so I can watch him." And Gage then agreed, so looks like she earned an opportunity to sleep with the kitty. Gotta run, I just heard Brook tell Gage "stick it in your nose" so I need to go make sure we aren't headed to the ER for a foreign object removal...haha.


Lauren said...

Was she referring to someone as a "morom?" This made me laugh so hard! I love reading your blogs!!

Lydia said...

A surgical mask with a skull and crossbones!? That is sure to put any patient at ease!

Nicole said...

These 2 just crack me up! Love Brooks surgical mask! Looks like they did a great job operating on the kitty.