Monday, July 13, 2009


A lot of randomnessThis is "the cabin" behind our house. This is one of life's little luxuries. My husband built it and all his friends like to gather from time to time and sit out by the camp fire and just enjoy nature.
Gage and I decided to ride four wheelers today since it had rained last night, there was lots of mud! He doesn't wear ci's when riding. He likely wouldn't hear much w/the processors enclosed in the helmet anyway.

We've been also working on the barn which lost one of its sides in the last set of storms a couple of weeks ago.

Our little helper

More randomness:
I hope to get the kids' FM systems the week before school starts (I emailed the teacher of the deaf with my request) because we go to audiology the Friday before school starts and I can get everything ready. I'm anxious to see how my two bilateral children do this year (especially w/Brook starting big school).
We also WILL be able to attend the AVT summer camp they do every year. We were going to have surgery that week getting Gage's skin pit/tag removed but insurance will likely not approve the request (if they even do!) in time so we are postponing that until we hear from them. My kids usually participate in the AVT summer camp and it's a mentoring program that Alabama's Ear Institute does. They have aspiring AVTs from all over come to this program and learn from our state's AVTs. We have many AVTs here and they get to earn their hours toward officially becoming an Auditory Verbal Therapist. I volunteer my kids every year to be the students who come for therapy so they can practice.
Not much else going on here, Bama Ears will have another story up by the end of the day so check that out.


Lauren said...

I did the AVT workshop and therapy week last year. Were you guys there??

Val said...

we've been there the last three or four years, not sure how long they've been doing it. My dad went in with Gage last year and I went w/brook.

leah said...

Those ATV's look like so much fun. The boy up the street has one and zooms it on the logging trail behind our neighborhood. We may have to look into those (when the kids get older, of course)!

Vivie said...

Hey Val , I ride my motorbike ( two wheels ) and I have long coil and pinned processor on top of my shoulder , I hear that way great , maybe you should try that.Apart from that pics are gorgeous! both kids are awesome!