Thursday, July 30, 2009

Watch Out Kindergarten!

Do you see the look on her face? That says it all, good luck to her future Kindergarten teacher! We want to wish my mother a happy birthday today. Brook has collected some random items and put them in a bag to give to her when we see her Saturday so Nanny, prepare yourself. I won't give it away but I'll just tell you, consider these items from the heart since she picked these up off of her bedroom floor (after I threatened to throw them away-they've been there for days now) so to save them from going to in the trash, she remembered that her dear grandmother may want these items for her birthday *smile*. They also left Nanny a message this morning and Brook mailed her a letter in the mail which she did receive today.
I emailed the kids' Teacher of the Deaf and asked her to deliver their FMs to the school during that first week so I can take Gage's with me to get it adjusted to his new processors so he can use them in class. He'll go without it that first week but the following Monday has an audio appt. so he'll be using it after that. I have signed on to substitute teach at three schools now...the special ed preschool (my favorite!), the elementary school, and THE HIGH SCHOOL! Am I insane, yes! But why not try? I had not even thought of it but when they called to ask yesterday I couldn't find an excuse to say 'no' so I gave them the thumbs up! I'm very excited and to all you teachers around here, give a girl a call! Otherwise, I'll be sitting here, by myself (which would be great one or two days a week, but not all week long!)...and I get to peek in on my kids if I'm at the elementary school. I've told the kids that since they are both bilateral, if they have equipment issues that they themselves can't fix, have the teacher call me. If I'm not available they'll have to remove the processor in question and wear the one til after school when I can fix it (if I'm in another location). I've ordered some extra cases from Cochlear to keep their tape/batteries in and should they have issues, they can put the processor inside the case which will stay in their book bag. Whew, I'm more nervous about me starting school than them! Wish me luck, we're down to just over a week now!


leah said...

Good luck for that first week of school. That good luck extends to all three of you! Val, you'll do great- you have more experience in your pinky finger than some people have in their whole bodies, lol!

K.L. said...

I made sure that part of my daughter's IEP stated that the school needed to have replacement parts and batteries available. If the processor or controller itself goes bad, they need to call me, but if it is just a coil, batteries or anything related to the FM, they have the ability to fix it right there.

Good luck to all of you.

Melanie said...

Hooray for Brook! My daughter starts Kindergarten on September 1 and I feel the same way.