Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

We were all ears yesterday! We had corn from my father in law's garden, squash and other veggies from ours and we grilled yummy steaks too. Gage was quite festive with his designer stickers from Cochlear. They played around with sparklers and smoke bombs, but we didn't see or hear any fireworks in our area (but then again, we're in the middle of nowhere). Gage brought me his processors when he rode his four wheeler. He can wear them with his helmet but he doesn't like to, he prefers them off.

And as for Brook's new bike...she just needed one since her's was broken so Gage and I went to Wal Mart to get her one...well, I had other things to buy as well so I had to push the buggy and guess who had to push this pretty pink bike thru the very crowded guessed it. It was just his size too so people were doing a double take as we paraded thru the store. Gage kept repeating, "Okay Mama, I don't mind pushing MY SISTER'S bike....I'll help YOU with HER bike..." He was really applying that inflection so he was sure to get his point across! I couldn't help but laugh, but he knew his sister would love it and he really didn't mind.

And now everyone is bored because it's a rainy day here in Alabama, but we need the rain! However, we are very glad we have the independence that allows us to play, laugh, love, be bored...and all that we are. Hope you all had a great weekend and for those here in the US, hope you had a safe holiday.

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Nicole said...

Kaylyn has the EXACT SAME bike! Good job Gage! Sometimes you just have to take one for the team and suck it up and ride the pink bike through Wal-Mart!