Monday, May 11, 2009

Pulling the wool over my eyes, or trying to!

First, it must be nice to sit down to and polish off a cake! He needs to gain weight so he's allowed these little bonuses in life. We're back to the icecream/peanut butter/chocolate milkshakes at night too...hoping that'll help.
Now on a different note, this child just tried to convince me that when he hears or sees inappropriate words(still using closed captioning) that his mind actually beeps them out. I wasn't too pleased with a not-so-eight year old word I heard on a movie he was watching and he says "It's okay Mama, my mind goes 'beep' when those words come up." He needs to be lawyer, he's very convincing!


Lucas'Mommy said...

That's really funny! He's such a charmer!

Naomi said...

oh classic - I can see he and my somewhat older angel have a lot in common!

leah said...

"My mind goes beep" - that's too funny! And oh, the weight issues! Nolan still weighs less than your average 12 month old (and he's nearing 2), so we've been trying all sorts of tricks with peanut butter and ice cream, too. I have a feeling he'll be on whole milk for a while to come and won't be switching to 2% any time soon!

Vivie said...

LOL for Gage..

I was very slight too when I was a kid..and when I turned 19 I suddenly got a bit of weight..and now at 26 I'm borderline overweight , and have my doctor that I need to LOSE weight rather than I have to gain..go figure..!!!

Val Gage made my day!!! I wanna some cake too..

Here It Comes said...

Too funny!

I love (not really!) when people attempt to mouth or whisper inappropriate words around Emmi. Not only will she read your lips, but she will call them out on it!

On the weight issue, Emmi is five and weighs only 33lbs. She is not even on the chart for weight percentage, but just at 60% for height. She hardly ever eats, so we are happy with whatever she chooses. Three donuts for dinner? Sure! Ice cream for breakfast? Go for it!