Friday, May 8, 2009

My Mother's Day Gifts

I always adore my Mommy gifts that they bring home from school. Yesterday I received a flower and a beautiful card Brook worked very hard on and it had her gorgeous face inside....big hugs to that girl, I loved it! Today we had an audiologist appt. first so I was afraid Gage would miss out on the "Mother's Day store" they had at school. We got there just in time, I handed him a couple of bucks he went and retrieved a stuffed kitty......for himself! haha but that's okay, his teacher had me covered with a flower and a new "My Special Mother" list. He gave me one of these lists back when he was in preschool and my how the answers have changed. It's a list of sentences and they fill in the blanks. In preschool I was 47 lbs and was 16 inches tall (haha) but now I'm only four lbs. lighter than my actual weight but he did make me one inch taller! Oh well, we can't fool 'em forever. In preschool he noted my favorite activity was doing the dishes and here he says my favorite activity was getting a new car (I wish!) He says I look silly in a Ghilly suit (never have nor will put one of those on!) But he also gave me a card that had a wonderful I Love You message w/the prettiest rocket ship and sun on it you've ever seen.
On a different note went to the audiologist today and had then had his IEP meeting at school. Got those out of the way and Brook's meeting is Tuesday. He's having an issue w/two electrodes, we'll watch those and the audiologist will work her magic to keep him hearing well. Before mapping he tried to tell me that I did not sound good when singing "Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" (AC/DC). I told the audiologist to make me sound better and you know she must have. AFTER the appt. I sang it again and he grimaced only slightly (trying not to hurt my feelings) and said I sounded maybe a little better. Thanks Mandy, I can rock on til next mapping...maybe!


Nicole said...

Gotta love the pre-school mommy lists. In mine Kaylyn said I was 8 feet tall and weighed 32 pounds. Hilarious!

leah said...

Val, you NEED a ghilly suit! And we want pictures, lol.

The best Mother's Day presents come from the little guys- I'm glad you're finally 17 inches tall. Too bad about the weight, though (ROFL).

Val said...

I've misled you, he made me one inch taller than I really am, he lists me as 5, 6 rather than 5,5. So that I'll take, but it's bad when they know you're weight. I hope his teacher reads this, it's her fault, she should know when teaching weight estimates to teach the kids the 10 lb rule. You ALWAYS guess 10 lbs under when esitmating female's weight!!! Darn math teachers! lol

Mandy said...

I have to admit, I had to look up "Ghilly Suit". I really need to see a picture!