Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Day of School

We decided to make this our last day of school. Officially Gage doesn't get out til tomorrow but no one was really left today when I went to pick him up, most students went home early. I didn't want to send him today, but he begged me to take him. I thought he would want to go to Brook's end of the year park party but NOOOO. He wanted to go sit and write notes to some little girl **wink**. He even had a Dr's excuse for today since he had a quick kidney ultrasound before school. These kiddos with syndromes think nothing of running by a hospital before school to have some sort of test or scan run. He's not having issues but his syndrome (Goldenhar) has a lot of possible kidney issues and his pediatrician wanted to take a peek to be sure everything was okay.

Brook had a ball at her party, I'll miss her preschool, and she's sad that she won't get to go there again next year. She knows that Gage will be in her school though so she'll be fine.

Gotta love those metal slides, she finally gave up her "ears" and played on the plastic ones too but the metal one was the largest and by far the most popular!

On another note, I had my wisdom teeth removed. All I can tell you is that I was extremely nervous, I asked for them to NOT give me details.....and when I woke up, I was in a different chair. How the heck that happened I have no idea but it took no more than 15 min. Two days later, I look like I have fat cheeks......I mean more so than usual but I'm good! Gotta run, these kids have me hoppin' !!!


leah said...

Yay for the metal slides! Hopefully they'll make static resistant CI's one of these days. Hope the kidney u/s comes out clean! We have no idea if Nolan has a syndrome or not, but we have a lot of things pending with various tests. Elevated liver enzymes, failure to thrive, urinary tract blockage... oy- the list of specialists goes on and on! Visiting the doctor becomes an almost weekly (or more often) event!

Val said...

I can't tell you how much easier it is to walk in a new place or the er and state "Goldenhar Syndrome" rather than run down that huge long list of possibilities.....feel for ya but we've been there! And having other kids to drag along for all those visits is tough too. But it'll calm down....they just want to be sure they dot their I's and cross their T's and you want them too I know!