Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looking at the Bright Side

After today's seven and a half hour trip (yes, my math is correct, 7 1/2 hrs!) with my two kids........I've had to remind myself to look at the bright side. So for all you professionals that read this (I know who you are) and you wonder sometimes why your patients (or their moms)look like they've just ran a marathon (a little exhausted, sweaty, make-up running) or look a little stressed, this should clue you in. Number one, we accomplished the mapping with no issues. He played games and competed with Emily (one of the Audiologists) and then we left for our lunch break. We had an hour and a half to kill which was fine, he took his candy prize (which I mistakenly let him have thinking the break would be enough time for it to leave his system) and we went for lunch. Everything went fine and they enjoyed their break.....but then we returned for some auditory therapy. This could have been his last visit, but unfortunately his ADHD and candy DO NOT MIX ! But the bright side is we get to visit our lovely (and pregnant) AVT again next week, who may be having second thoughts on that second child of hers after today's visit with the Blakely's(but it's too late girl, your #2 is on its way!)
And yet again, I met so many local celebrities at the HEAR Center today! First I saw a little boy and his mom I'd met about a year ago. Nice seeing Jacob again, and glad he's doing so well, and I saw (again) two of my Facebook buddies. Then I saw a lady who owns the forum EP of AL (exceptional parents of Alabama). I recognized her little girl right away and it nice for us to finally meet in person! Then guess who else I met? I was sitting there, this sweet little man who had oxygen tubes in his nostrils asks "Who did your son's surgery?" and I replied with "Dr. Woolley" and he tells me that his son is Dr. Hill who practices with Dr. Woolley. This was a treat to say the least. You rarely get to meet the parents of one of your kids' doctors. Dr. Hill is the surgeon who did the plastic surgery on Gage's external ears, by pinning them back or making them not so cupped as they were when he was born. He's very happy with his ears now(see the difference at the bottom), he had that surgery the day before Kindergarten started (though he started two days late).Another bright side is that we're back home, safe and sound and I can turn this Pirate and her brother loose in the yard (and they can play with Daddy for a while, I think we three need to be separated for an hour or so, haha!) And the rest of the week, no appointments, just S C H O O L !


Jennifer said...

Cormac saw you pics on your blog today and said "hey, those kids are just like me!" so cute.

leah said...

Too bad you couldn't get the whole appointment done and over with, but at least 1/2 of it is done! Mama deserves a break!