Saturday, April 4, 2009

....Crazed Mom sends out her Apologies....

I don't know who I'm foolin' here, most of you (especially moms) know it hasn't been the easiest past few months for us. So I'm gonna get a little of my chest here today, as I feel I owe a few people an "I'm sorry". First, I want to give a general apology to the local Children's Hospital who has been forced to see us many times over the last few months. I want to apologize to the nurses who have walked into our room at 10, at 12 and 2 am to see my eyes pop open with not a speck of make up on, pretending to be awake when I'd been resting peacefully. Sometimes these nurses would be giving me bowls of cereal, one after the other because, although it may be midnight, he's finally keeping food down. Not one of them complained. They even gladly made me a fresh pot of coffee at 5am while I reapplied makeup so I wouldn't scare the residents who came in at 6 to check on my healing child. Free Clipart Picture of an Orange Paperclip. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart Guide.comAnd thank you to the volunteer at the one day surgery a couple of weeks ago who pretended to not know that my 7 year old swiped one of her paper clips. He played with it for 10 minutes thinking he had gotten away with something when she knew it all along. But that entertained the child until his name was called back to await his turn to have a very lengthy day in the O.R.

I have to apologize to Katherine from the ER. Who,back in Dec, only smiled though she choked back laughter as my 7 year old (who wears a 5 year old's body but has a 12 year old's brain) told her this, in his compelling, dramatic, and almost convincing performance..."Katherine, why are you doing this Katherine? Why are you collecting blood, I need that to grow. I don't want to be smaller, Katherine, please stop. Now look what you did, you made my arm smaller!" Thank you ER staff for being so patient with the patient and making him feel better.

I want to also apologize to the ENT's office. I'm sorry that my son darts right past the waiting area to come back and chat with you guys, as if he's part owner. You are always good about returning him to the waiting area where he must wait his turn like everyone else...even though he badgers the nurses each time a name is called that isn't his...."me? my turn yet, gah what's taking so long?" he might say. And I do apologize! I apologize directly to our ENT/CI surgeon Dr. Woolley, who has been on a very short leash over the last seven months. He now has to check his messages over the weekends to find out if he may need to fit us in, yet again with no appointment (sorry about that). I've already told the man he can never move or retire! In fact, I can't really apologize for that right now, we are in no way finished with him yet. (I'm in the process of checking w/the hospital though to see I can put the doctor on some sort of intrastate lock down but I'm not sure that's legal!) It likely won't be necessary though he's carried our issues and cared for us even when he was out of state. I can apologize to his family though (big sorry!) but he can't help being a really good doctor and wanting to fix what is ailing, even if that means directing his residents via phone from an airport at Christmastime. His whole staff has been nothing short of fantastic, even when a crazed mom (who had not slept in two days) saunters in, begging someone there to tell her she's seeing things, or is insane, anything other than 'the infection is back'. No one told me I was crazy (at least not to my face) but I know that one day I will be, I'm working on it.

And I apologize to our audiologist's office at the HEAR Center too. Sometimes it takes more than one audiologist to deal with us, and sometimes we take more prizes than we deserve or are supposed to get! Sorry...and to warn you guys, it's your turn next, to see us several times a week for a while...between our auditory training and mapping sessions, you might wanna fill that prize box up (just charge my insurance).

And finally, I apologize to the second graders at his school...for taking him before the Christmas Holidays and not returning him like I said I would. No REALLY, I'm sorry! If only for a day, before school lets out this year, if at all possible, he will return. I'll smile and wave goodbye when I drop him off, with a slight sadness upon my face....but don't mind the tires squealing in the parking lot, that's just me leaving rather hurriedly so he doesn't follow, I mean that's me just leaving rather hurriedly so I don't change my mind and just take him back home with me.

Now, I feel better, whew! Funny how a little conscience cleaning can make a gal feel better!


Marsel said...

Being a mom of kids with special needs is pretty intense sometimes, isn't it?!

It makes it that much more awesome to see the results of the love and work we pour into our kids, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmph, I don't apologize to anyone for not wearing make-up! If people can't stand to look at my God-given face, well, maybe they should be doin' the apologizin'. :)

Loudest Mom said...

It has been rough for you all lately.....I'm so glad you are ready for activation!!!!
Can't wait for great updates :)