Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Cat

Well sort's name is "Biscuits" or Biskuts as he spells it, and it eats Meow Mix as you can see written on the box. My husband brought home cardboard from work so they could have some fun indoors. I'm trying to keep Gage "settled" for a few more days, he went a little wild yesterday staying out too long, running too much, etc. He even fell in the dirt when the dog knocked him over getting dirt directly on his incision, FREAK OUT time for me. I panicked but good thing it was four days out and completely sealed anyway but some peroxide and ointment and he was good to go. I've always thought the after care of these surgeries is the worst, when they feel great and try to do too much. Twice before after this type of surgery, Gage burst his incision open, once requiring a trip to the ER and once it was fine. So you know I'm still sweating it over here. The time he had to go to the ER was a full month post op!

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leah said...

I actually prefer Gage's spelling of "Biskuts." Hehe.

Goodness, I hope you can keep him settled until the incision is FULLY healed. It is hard to keep boys out of dirt!