Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's the first thing you want to hear?

A simple question with an unexpected answer. I thought he might say "Mama's voice". Um, no.....he says "a truck motor."
"Okay" still fishing for that "mama's voice" answer I wanted to hear. "What's the next thing you want to hear?"
He says "Mandy's voice, and Daddy's voice." Nothing about me...lol. Mandy is the audiologist! I finally ask, "what about me?"
He says he still remembers my voice, and he then mocked me. Next on his list? Our new puppy Marley...he has never heard him bark. He don't know how lucky he really is sometimes 'cause that puppy barks........alot.


Tanna's Triplets said...

My son's Dr told me that he had asked one of his CI kids what was the best thing he had heard. And the little boy said frogs. How cute is that.
Before I had Colton I took for granted all the different noises out there now I try not to! I hope he gets his CI back soon!!!

Mandy said...

I'm so honored Gage! I will have to think long and hard as to what my first words will be with your new ears! I'm looking forward to the day. Hang in there buddy.

Melanie said...

Oh Gage. You are just the sweetest!

leah said...

Now there's a boy for you- wants to hear a truck motor first! I thought he'd say AC/DC, lol.

Laura's medical journey said...

aw the puppys cuteeeeeeeeee!

and how dare his mock his mama's voice hehe im sure he is keen to hear you again! :D