Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Speech Therapy

Always working with those babies, here is Brook as a Speech Therapist !
Notice the extra /s/ on the end of the word still, and yes-still working on those R's.


Anonymous said...

brave girl Brook! keep tryin it'll come fluently soon! love those babies!

Melanie said...


leah said...

I don't know how kids can sit like that- they are so flexible!

Those "r's" will come soon enough- I know that one is a difficult sound to master. If Brook lived closer she could play "AVT" with Nolan. He's starting to get good at following directions and playing the babble game!

I love the way she is going to get tylenol to fix her baby's ear pain. Too sweet!

lbre969903 said...

This was great! My favorite parts "gotta go to the drugstore to get some Tylenol" and "you do it! I'm not going to do it for you" sounds just like a therapist!! :)