Monday, January 19, 2009

the Hike

So we went for a hike yesterday for about an hour. Brook stayed close and could be found listening to all the sounds of nature. "I hear the wind" or "I hear a bird." Gage however was fascinated by the creek, in fact we stopped to talk about all of our surroundings, take it all in, and we look around for Gage who stayed near the creek, and he had wondered waaayyy up the hill in the opposite direction. He of course couldn't hear so calling him back down was not an option, however dad took off (uphill I remind you) and retrieved him before he escaped to another part of the forrest. By the time it was all over, Gage was coughing his head off and Brook was saying "Just carry me, I didn't want to walk this much!!" Um, have you seen the size of her? She walked!
Gage is still occupying himself w/the Legos, which are fantastic. Many had recommended them (and I saw it was a big recommendation on the Gifted Child Listserv) so Santa brought some and wow what a big hit.
His bribe, I mean prize of choice for being a big boy and getting his next surgery on Feb 2...a huge box of Legos! He can't wait. He also found this moon rock last night, he said it fell from the sky and landed in his room. And this is the child who did not develop a really strong imagination until after age five. And to think, I was actually worried about that. All is good here at the Blakely home, I must go and make this child do some school work. He's had several days off from "work" so we must go hit the books. I'm thinking of stealing Amy's idea off her blog. I told the teachers at his IEP the other day, this ADHD stuff is hard for me. But I guess it's even harder for him.


Laura's medical journey said...

aww i like nature too! the birds the sound of a stream! :S

Anonymous said...

the excellent idea Amys OT gave her is actually one that I'm very familiar with. being a sped teacher for quite a # of yrs. I've tried this and seen absolute great results. another idea you might want to give a shot is the "I need a break box" but be careful and set rules because some kids can abuse it! lots of luck

Anonymous said...

Legos are a wonderful imagination stimulus.

They have also saved us a fortune on toys ;-) How? When the kids were very small, one was asking for some new toy. On impulse, I built a copy (sort of) from Legos. I did that a few times, then the kids built their own copies of toys they saw. They played with the Lego copy till they tired of it then built something else. A few boxes of Legos became many, many other toys.


leahlefler said...

I love hiking! The idea of one of the kids wandering off scares the bajeebers out of me, though. Thank goodness your dad was with you! Legos are so much fun- I know there are K'Nex and all those other types out there now, too. Gotta keep that bright mind engaged!

Here's to a very easy recovery from surgery on February 2nd. You have one brave little guy there.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

glad you like the idea;)

on the legos...andrew adores them...and knex. we have thousands. i buy kits and sometimes just big bins. just fyi...i wouln't insist taht if you buy a kit (like Spongebob's house) that you insist that it stay that way LOL. my andrew loves to be more 'creative.' aslo- not sure if gage will the be same way- but A looks at his legos as artwork- and if you take them apart is a kin to ripping a painting...just something to keep in mind... when well meaning people say- "oh he can just build another" i ask them i if rip the picture on the frige in half. ok - i don't REALLy say that- but A thinks differently than most and I think that is a good thing.

now if we could only go HIKING! bbbbrrrrr