Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tough Man

I have to say that this child has one of the highest pain tolerances of anyone I've ever met. When he was a baby, I remember going to the ENT for a "routine" visit (none of our visits to any doc were ever routine, they were either referrals, or post-op or follow ups) but one time the doc told us "he's got a RIP-Roarin' ear infection!!!" and shocked, my husband and I said "he's only been a little off balance." So point is that this child rarely falls ILL. Even tonight, knowing he's being admitted to the hospital tomorrow with an IV inevitable, he goes to bed laughing. He's so hysterical it takes, two hours for him to surrender. I know the reason and he finally admits..."I keep laughing because I won't be able to laugh at the hospital." He writes this for his class, so they won't be scared for him."

It says;
"Mrs. Jackson, I won't see you or the class for one or two weeks so I'm going to have a IV medicine, so I will miss you all week. Rose bush (and he points) I love you." Awww, how sweet is that?
But I will say that despite his camouflage, he cried out in pain when I pulled the covers up, he said I got the sheet on his ear. In case you're in the dark, Gage is being admitted to the hospital today for some IV antibiotics. He's experienced some unexplained pain in his CI area since August. Nothing has seemed as an infection and even a CT scan came back "normally abnormal" for him. He has, um, let's say, challenged anatomy! Anyway, we will hopefully only stay a few days to a week an be back home and I'll update then.
And yes, we've tried several oral meds, to no avail. We have several top notch doctors looking into the case but all seems well...just this pain and some redness. We will certainly update asap. And I leave you w/a "goodbye note" Brook made for her teachers, so if preschool is reading, here you go......and I hope you can translate!


Danielle said...


Nicole said...

Poor guy! Hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick. Feel better soon! Hopefully you guys won't be there next Friday, but if you are, come see me in the ER. I won't be back at work until then.

leahlefler said...

Poor Gage! The image of him laughing before bed because he won't be able to laugh in the hospital is breaking my heart. How long will he be admitted for (hoping it's a day-long treatment thing). I certainly hope the IV meds knock out the infection. Kids with hearing loss seem to tolerate ear pain more than other kids. Even Nolan, who is only hard of hearing, will have a raging ear infection and we won't know until we see a high fever or drainage.

Tiffani said...

I'll be thinking of you guys! Hang in there! And I hope all goes well and the problem is solved quickly and easily!


Laura's medical journey said...

oh nooo! Hopefully gage will be ok and feel better!
I've had IV meds for my infection although i ended up losing it because it was too far gone! so i am worried he might lose his... :0(
hopefully u wil have better news than i did!
And hope gage copes well and responds to the IV! fingers crossded for you!


Loudest Mom said...

I hope it's a very short stay!!! Trey was in for a week with his mastoid infection, and then they sent him home w/ a pic (sp?) line so we could do antibiotics at home.....maybe, worst case, they can do that for Gage?

I'm thinking of you guys,

Melanie said...

Hang in there big man Gage and Val too! Thinking of you.

mishkazena said...

Gage is a tough kid. I hope he can laugh at the hospital