Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the Crush

Since it has become one of our favorite pastimes...Gage's father and I love to take moments like these to embarrass our kids, whenever possible, afterall what are parents for?

AVT has taught us parents to take all of life's opportunities to increase vocab. So when we find Gage, day in and day out, getting straight out of bed each day to run over to the computer, or run home from school to play for an hour or so before he realizes...he needs to look at her once again, it with great pleasure that we introduce Gage's latest vocab word...CRUSH. First it was Beyonce, and now it's Leona...and just like his car here says...he's "dangerous" so watch out Leona!

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Laura's medical journey said...

awwwww! He moving on to his girls eh! haha Leona Lewis has a great voice! I am loving the single we have here in the uk at the moment which is "Forgive me" She is very pretty too so i can see why he likes her! hehe :)