Friday, November 14, 2008

Bilateral Workshop-Cochlear

We went to the bilateral workshop last night and Brook had her first public appearance at one of "my events". She did great, she made seven trips to the food in the back (no surprise there) and luckily they had coffee for me and my mother! It's not often I stay out that late (the event was from 6-8, an hour and a half away) but hey, we made there and back and you can see Ms. Claus...

I mean Brook had a good time. She received a free hand-held fan (and snatched one for Gage too!) for her attendance and drew her audiologist at least a dozen pictures with the crayons and paper I had in my purse. I'm sure the audiologist will add them to her collection of monster trucks that Gage has drawn her in the past or decorate that baby's room with it **she might be a mom by next week** I did get to speak for a few minutes and introduce Brook who went behind Cochlear's big screen which made me very nervous...but it all turned out well.

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Danielle said...

YAY BROOK YOU DID IT! U GO GIRL! Im so glad it turned out well!! I love her dress. Shes so precious.