Thursday, October 30, 2008


Okay, things are looking up at the Blakely residence. I've been trying to get all the story ideas for cicircle's blog and have sent out the necessary emails needed to retrieve the story lines I hopefully after the weekend, I'll have managed to produce at least one of those.
Gage's head/ear is still swollen and he'll stay w/me today and we'll be pals, take Brook to preschool, run errands, etc. since his teacher will be absent today, I didn't want to send him (he's a lot to handle anyway w/ADHD). This is the third month it has been puffy and tender to the touch, his coil even pops off due to the swelling, but because of the nature, I'm not changing out his magnet. Anyway, we finally saw the ci surgeon this time and he noted how warm it felt to him as well and put him on an adult antibiotic (he swallowed that pill like a champ) and if it gets any worse, he'll need to be admitted to the hospital for iv antibiotics. Let's all hope this little fellow recovers quickly and gets to be the cat he so desperatly wants to be on Friday. He just woke though and says the pain is spreading bless his heart so we'll see. I plan to leave his ci off as much as possible today. Will update later.

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