Monday, October 27, 2008

Teaching the deaf child

Most of you know by now that my husband and I are ALWAYS entertained by our children. Here you'll see Ms. Brook teaching her baby (notice the ear of the "child") about colors by listening and following directions. She gives specific instructions in which the child needs to pick a specific color and actually color a specific object using the color named (which you don't get to see in this video unfortunately). I'm proud, she even gave the "child" a chance to verbalize during this process. See video below.

And here you'll see the note Gage wrote to my mother when he decided it was his turn to spend the night with her instead of Brook, he obviously had alterior motives.

It says "Dear Nanny, I want to tell you something (that word drops down the side), I want a John Deere toy truck. $10.00 at Wal Mart can we go please?"
and yes, of course he got what he's Nanny he was asking!


leahlefler said...

Brook is gonna make the best mommy one day! She is so good with her "babies!" And hey, Gage sure knows who to ask when he wants something, haha! Kids are the best entertainment!

Nicole said...

Sooo Sweet!! Brook is the best little mommy! Gage is a little charmer!

Tracy said...

Me and my daughter loved watching Brook with her baby, so sweet.
Also loved Gage's note, thats funny....but hey, he got what he wanted didn't he.
Have a great day!

mishkazena said...

Aww, that is so sweet.

Chuckling about Gage's letter.

Melanie said...

She is too cute. A little AVT in the making. :) Thanks for sharing.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Grandmas are always good for a buck! the funny thing Andrew does is he will invent things or services to sell. example 1) "mom do you have a toothbrush? i want to go ask people if they want their rocks washed. or 2) Socks for sale. When there were to buyers he lowered the price LOL!! i gotta blog that!