Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Don't Believe My Ears!!-book for Charity

Also feel free to send in your mispronunciations, your missing equipment stories, your misunderstandings, etc. It doesn't have to be full long drawn out stories.
Send them to All proceeds will go to charity. And some people need a little pick me up when they first hear their child can't hear well, we want to give them something they can laugh at.
You can send in something related to a thread that was on cicircle last year like..."you know your the parent of a ci child when..." or "you know you're the parent of a deaf/hard of hearing child when...."
another idea would be what's the craziest thing you've tried to keep aids/ci's on?
Include your name if you want that info published and the ages of the children when incidents occurred and aided/ci non aided, so we know a little about you.
I have like a million I could send in....the one where Brook put her fingers in her ears to tell the teacher she wasn't listening, later to explain to us that she still hears when she does that since her ears don't work anyway...I've got several where Gage corrected other's speech...the list goes on.


leahlefler said...

I did send in the one with Nolan's "volume control." Too bad he doesn't say anything funny yet! The time will come, though sometimes I'm afraid of what he might say (g)!

Abbie said...

I have a few I would like to send in but I want to know if my submission is picked will there be a link to our retrospective blogs?