Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm not listening!

After reading a book called "17 Things I'm No Longer Allowed to Do" from the local library about a young girl how is very naughty, my child decided to not only mock a page in the book where the young naughty girl pretends to have been struck deaf and sticks her fingers in her ears...but she gathers her army of other students to do the same thing. The teacher wasn't too pleased when she heard Brooklyn telling the kids, "put your fingers in your ears, we don't want to listen!" Well, of course we were displeased and when I talked to Brook about how naughty that was of her, she explained to me..."but I can still hear when I stick my fingers in my ears!" okay, gotta give her that. I did explain to the teacher that we just had read a book with that exact thing in there, and I also explained that if Brook truely didn't want to hear the her teach, she would have pulled her coils off her head, like she does me at home. But otherwise Brook had a good day.
Gage has begun to ask questions about other languages and accents and such. I explained that we too have an accent, very slow and southern! He informed me that he could talk fast if he wanted to, and I informed him that I could not. "I'm just not a fast talker, in fact I don't think I could talk fast if I tried" I told him. His answer...."Maybe you just need a new talk box".
And I leave you with not much of a picture but due to the graphic nature I cropped it. This is one HUGE reason we got our kids ci's. We are in the country and we have these:

Yes, this WAS a rattle snake. Our neighbor brought it up on his four wheeler and said he HEARD IT first, then saw it in his back yard!!!
I try to make sure my kids have their processors on when outside, for snake safety, coyote safety, and stranger safety. There's a lot of danger out there, thank goodness they can hear most of it now. Guess that means none of you want to visit..?


leahlefler said...

OMG if I saw a rattler that big I would have a heart attack! Thank goodness the kids can hear the warning rattle when running around outside. And ROFL with Brooke's copying the behavior in the book. We have a younger child's book called "No, David!" and Matthew likes to copy some of the behavior in that one. Including running away and picking his nose- sigh....

Nicole said...

Oh my....that snake is HUGE! I would have just passed out right there if I were the one to come across its path!

Brook sounds like a real character! That story is too funny!

Bill and Shelly said...

I can so see Allison doing what Brooke did in class. I am already waiting for that 1st phone call from her teacher.

I am soooooo scared of snakes, that I would have fainted right there on the spot. I guess we can add hearing rattle snakes to the positives to having CI's

Steven said...

Oh sweet! I have seen alot of rattle snake in my life at my very own homestate like your. Last week, I decided to hunt at my uncle's private land. I realize i could hear rattlesnake as well with my CI. It was totally wicked! I could able to hear wind rust, wood cracking (that was deer). Long time before I received Cochlear Implant, I almost got bitten by Rattlesnake several times. The closest one was right on side of me while I was sitting in the brush and waiting for deer. Therefore my hearing aids weren't helpful.