Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Go Kart Fun

So, big fun now that the rain has stopped. They rode the go kart today and look how wet they got...! Gage stopped and removed his helmet to tell me his coil keeps popping off when he goes over bumps, and wants to know what I'm gonna do about it. If you remember, he took a good wack on the head last week...directly on his implant. So there may be a little bit of swelling left that's causing his coil not to stick as well. I adjusted it as far as I could and the next step would be a stronger magnet. He said it's not coming off as much at P.E. like it was last week so hopefully in a few days it'll completely go back to normal and it'll stick better. (I've not seen it come off once) but I know it's gotta be irritating, so I may have to just switch the magnet for a while.

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