Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is something I need more of to be honest. But tonight my sweet daughter got out of the shower, I asked her what she wanted for her "final snack" as I do every night before bed and she tells me..."it's in the freezer". As an AVT mom always does, I play dumb (knowing she wants the new ice cream) and ask "what?". Keep in mind she doesn't have her processors on so she repeats "FREEZER!!!" I shake my head yes asking again "what in the freezer?" and she takes my hand, places it on her neck and says "freeeeeezzzzzeeeer" so maybe I could understand her better. Oh, and despite how terrible I thought my day was....I was reminded how wonderful it actually was.
And in case you forgot, this is where she learned that little trick.

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Loudest Mom said...

Val you crack me up!

There are some areas where one should *never* hope to be keeping up w/ our crazy family - LOL

Hope the processors are back safe and sound. Love the 'it may have fallen in the pool' ;)